On The Road

It took us four long days to get from Thimphu to our final stop, Rangjung. I am so grateful to have been placed in the far east because it meant that I got to see all the villages along the way and I got to spend some more time with my BFC family. It seemed that we all started realising really quickly that we would soon be left to fend for ourselves and that we actually wouldn't all be together for that much longer. I was suddenly extremely thankful that Dylan was with me and that I didn't have to go through all the new changes completely alone. 

We arrived at our first stop in Punakha for the night and stayed at a resort with the most comfortable bed ever! I’m not even exaggerating. I even considered switching the mattress for the one I had bought in Thimphu which is rock hard. The realisation that I’m going to miss material things was shameful but I really wanted to take the rain shower and western toilet with me, too. I took comfort in knowing that I would be getting my daily dose of squats in without having to put time aside to work out. 

Our journey to the east was extra special for me because I got to experience snow for the first time ever. I was giddy with excitement after seeing just a tiny patch of ice on the side of the road, I think I must have looked ridiculous to the fellow teachers in the bus. There were lots of road blocks along the way and I raced towards the ice the first chance I got. There was a small stream which had frozen over and I joined three children who were “ice skating” over it, laughing like crazy. This was honestly just so much fun I never wanted to leave - and we hadn't even reached the real snow yet! Up on the highest pass of our journey we stopped to enjoy the white patch of thick snow. I built my first snowman and watched Dylan make snow angels. There are no photos of my snowman as there was very little time and he was quite embarrassing. I’ll have to work on my snowman building skills. 

The long bus rides every day meant that I had plenty of quiet time which always brings me to some deep thinking. I wanted to start blogging as a means to document the happenings around me but all I seem to want to write about are my cheesy, philosophical feelings. I think Bhutan does that to you, makes you realise what is real and just gives you so much opportunity for growth as a human being - and it is only the second week! I feel so much appreciation for the tears that so often come to my eyes in this place because I am that happy. I am able to experience the beauty of nature and compassion and life because there are no distractions here. It feels as if my life has just begun and I don’t know how I can ever go back to normal again. 

I believe deep down at the very core of my being that where I am right now is exactly where I am meant to be. Without any doubts or hesitation. Its truly freeing and the most content I have ever felt about my life. Why wouldn't every human being not do this? Not do exactly what they dream of? I don’t understand. But then again, I don’t have too. Please know that it really is worth anything you have to do or go through. If its what you really want it is always worth it. 

Prayer Wheels