shake your booty

I love all the classes I teach because each class dynamic is so completely different. Class 5 loves group work and all they want to do is talk, talk, talk. Class 4 is reserved and they enjoy quiet, independent work like writing letters and stories. They enjoy getting creative! Class 3 is definitely the most fun because they love singing and dancing and acting so much - they are still babies and they are just so adorable.

Because the Class 3 children are the youngest of the all the children I teach I think its been the easiest for them to adapt to my way of teaching. It has also been easy for me to build up their confidence. Each time we read our boring curriculum books the children are asked to act out the story. They really enjoy this so much and it is so much fun - even I enjoy watching them create their reenactments! They've started going to the library everyday to take out English reading books so that I can read to them. They are actually excited about reading and I see them trying so hard to listen to the story because they need to know whats going on for when they act it out. When the other teachers are absent during certain periods they come to the staffroom to look for me and ask me to read to them during my free time - how cool is that?! We've also continued singing and dancing and the children have learned a variety of English songs.

Last week our school was asked to display cultural items for the Parent Appreciation Day which was going to be held for all the parents and children of our school. Many guests would be attending and the teacher in charge was desperately trying to teach older students the complicated traditional dances without any luck. We decided that the audience might enjoy the younger kids more and if they were to make a mistake during their dance it would only make the show more enjoyable. I decided that my Class 3's were just the ones for the job! They practiced everyday after school and showed so much determination. They were so excited about their dance even after practicing it for the hundredth time, I was so proud of them! Everyday when I walked into the classroom in the morning the first thing they would shout at me was "Madam, dance practice today?". We practiced and practiced until we were sure we were ready. It was a long wait on Saturday morning and the nerves started to kick in as the children waited outside for the show to begin.  There were many delays, as it goes in Bhutan, and the children began to get restless. We practiced while we waited and the boys had competitions on who was able to "shake their booty" the best. I love that they are so confident! When it was finally their chance to shine I could see the fear in their eyes. I watched from the sidelines and all the parents absolutely loved them! There was so much laughter and it was clear that these children gave nothing short of their best. 

P.s. Dylan should be uploading a video of the dance soon - it is SO adorable!