This past while

I cannot believe that there are only a few weeks left before I leave Bhutan! I am frantically trying to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for it, but for now - here are some photo's taken by my seriously talented husband! We had our Annual Variety Show full of dancing, singing and beautiful costumes. I took part in a traditional Bhutanese dance as part of the teacher's item and had so much fun learning the moves. The kids absolutely loved seeing me perform on stage in my kira. My class 5's performed an "English dance" to Katy Perry's Roar and were so excited dressed in their casual clothes instead of the traditional ones everyone else was wearing. 

We had been feeding a stray dog outside our apartment for a few months and we named her Lady. While Dylan was away on a BMX cycling trip across Bhutan with his father, Lady had puppies! It was really such a stressful time for me and I was so worried about them for the first few weeks. But, they are super healthy and playful now and I honestly have no idea how I am going to leave them. They have kept me busy pretty much 24/7 and I love them to bits. 

Moti is the biggest and is quite a fatty! Her name means "fat" in the local dialect here and everyone laughs when we tell them her name, because they know its true. She's so much bigger than the others but is most afraid of everything. Her nature is also pretty much the same as her mothers and Moti can always be found near Lady or the food. 

Molly is the most adventurous and has the prettiest face. She can be really cheeky and if we accidentally leave our door open she will most probably be found in our bed! She likes to chew on our front door and scratch at it when she's hungry. I am most attached to Molly and am slowly trying to distance myself before we leave. 

Bear is such a sweet thing and is very calm. She is most likely found sleeping off somewhere alone. Her paws look like little bear feet and she is so adorable but very shy. She hides under my legs when other people come near. 

Baby is the smallest and the most feisty! When they were first born she would fall out of Lady's "nest" and cry under I crawled into the bushes and put her back. She is a lot smaller than the others but makes up for it in personality. 

Paws is the only one with white paws. She has the longest legs and is a fast runner, and is clearly Dylan's favourite (I wonder why?). She is also the clumsiest and makes me laugh as she is always falling over her long legs. She is incredibly playful. 

School has officially ended now and I only going in for a few hours every morning to finalise and record the last of the marks. Exams finished last week and I'm busy sorting out the house as we get ready to leave before Christmas. It feels like I blinked and suddenly it has all come to an end, and I honestly don't know how I am going to actually leave this wonderfully magical place.