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You can contact me directly at danielzmegan(at)gmail(dot)com

I'm Megan, a 20-something South African and teacher abroad who is obsessed with rural teaching placements (is that even a thing?). I've taught in a rural village in Bhutan, a tropical jungle paradise in Costa Rica and am now in the middle of nowhere Vietnam. 

Korbay Delay was born whilst teaching in rural Bhutan as a means to document my experiences in the tiny Himalayan Kingdom. The very title of this blog was named "korbay delay" which means wandering aimlessly in Sharchop, my Bhutanese village's local dialect. 

I soon became intrigued about pursuing this whole teaching abroad thing and began interviewing fellow teachers in different parts of the world to find inspiration for my next teaching placement. While I still like to document and share my own teaching abroad advice and experiences, connecting with other teachers all over the world has become a great passion of mine. 

I'd love to hear from you ... 

If you are currently teaching abroad, or have previously taught abroad, please get in touch - I love reading stories from around the globe and it really is so inspiring to hear first hand experiences from other teachers. You could be that extra nudge someone needs to get out there and explore!