My Ultimate Teaching Abroad Bucket List

My Ultimate Teaching Abroad Bucket List - Rural Addition!

We’ve heard of travel bucket lists and adventure bucket lists, but have you ever heard of a teach abroad one? I think I might just be a tad obsessed, but over the years I’ve narrowed down ideal teaching jobs around the globe and I decided to make it official with this list. You’ll notice that they are mostly in more rural locations, because rural teaching placements are my jam. You can read more about why I think you should consider teaching off the beaten path here.  Here are 6 teach abroad jobs that are on my bucket list - not listed in any particular order because how could I ever just choose one?!

1. The Green School, Bali 

The Green School in Bali has been on my radar for years and my first trip to Bali this year just confirmed how magical this place really is. I’m not usually one for the more touristy destinations but there’s something about Bali that just leaves you wanting more. The Green School is a sustainable international school and they are making big impacts in education and the sustainability. I love the idea of their annual Sustainable Solutions Fair where students are given the opportunity to create projects based on environmental awareness. Plus, their school is an absolute dream - made entirely out of bamboo! 

2. Village School | Amazonian Jungle, Peru 

I found this volunteer position while still teaching in rural Costa Rica. It requires you to take a small plane to get to the rural village tribe deep in the Amazon (only accessible by boat or foot otherwise). The simple lifestyle and getting to become a part of a rural community is what appealed to me most. You are required to be fairly fluent in Spanish which I'm continuing to work on before applying for this position. 

3. Buddhist Monastery, Nepal  

I’m super motivated by meaningful work that contributes to larger society. I’d take a volunteer job in the Himalayas over a highly paid one in a city any day. So, naturally I’m always on the lookout for volunteer positions in remote locations. This one on Workaway has been saved to my favourites for over a year now. Teaching in a remote village reachable only by foot? That’s my kind of place! Workaday provides hundreds of volunteer positions around the world where you exchange skills for free accommodation and sometimes even meals. 

4. Rift Valley Children’s Home, Tanzania

This project is doing wonderful things for the community by assisting with quality education, healthcare and providing micro-finance loans. This position requires you to train the local teachers and help with whatever is needed to improve the overall quality of education. This is a big plus for me, as training the teachers means that education can continue to improve even after I'm long gone. 

5. Public Schools, The Marshall Islands 

WorldTeach provides year long or summer teaching positions to qualified teachers in rural areas. It was quite challenging to pick from the list which includes India, Namibia, Brazil and even South Africa (my home!). The Marshall Islands makes my list because it's an area so few people have access to travel to, or teach in, and because tropical dreamy islands in the Pacific sound like paradise. 

6. Remote School, Bush Alaska 

Although I generally favour more tropical climates, my husband has been begging me for years to move to a cooler area. I think I’d be able to deal with the cold if I were teaching in a raw environment like Alaska. This idea was solidified even more after interviewing Sara as part of my Teachers Abroad Series who is currently teaching there! Unfortunately, after lots of research I’ve come to the conclusion that as a South African, Alaska is not very likely to happen because of visa requirements even though they are in desperate need of teachers for their remote locations. 

7. Rangjung School, Bhutan

Maybe there’s a reason I keep coming back to this, but Bhutan will forever remain on my list of favourites. Technically I already completed my contract here back in 2015, but I already can’t wait to return one day. Teaching in Bhutan was what sparked my passion for rural teaching and what still keeps me going today. 

You can read stories of teachers who are already living their dreams by teaching abroad in my Teachers Abroad Series. Where do you wish to teach one day, or are you already teaching in a dream placement? Let us know in the comments!